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Capricorn is the hardest working sign of the zodiac. Many become addicted to working and would rather be at their job than anywhere else. 

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  • aries: impulsive capricorn
  • taurus: slow capricorn
  • gemini: catty capricorn
  • cancer: emotional capricorn
  • leo: pompous capricorn
  • virgo: neurotic capricorn
  • libra: hesitant capricorn
  • scorpio: sexual capricorn
  • sagittarius: reckless capricorn
  • capricorn: capricorn capricorn
  • aquarius: weird capricorn
  • pisces: wistful capricorn

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1) Yes, 2) depends on the situation, 3) only if they too mopey, 4) Yes, 5) 100% YES #brokeproblems #Capricorn #Capi #SeaGoat #Zodiac #WesternZodiac

So true!! #capricorn ✋♑💯

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shout out to all the moms!! These signs are a nurturing bunch:
Cancer is a mother to all. Perhaps the most sentimental sign, Cancer treats babies with unconditional love. Cancer moms are nurturing and will do anything to defend their children from harm’s way. They have trouble parting ways with their babes when they grow up and leave the nest!
Leo is the leader of the pride. She works hard to provide for her children. To Leo, family comes first, and when confronted with dangers, Leo will step right in. Leos are lovers AND fighters, and their creedo is: “To get to my family, you’ll have to go through ME!”
Capricorn is the most capable sign in the zodiac. They really step up to the plate and deliver. As moms, they can do everything that needs doing. They can pay the bills and dole out hugs and if any of their children are wronged, they immediately come in to save the day. Capri is supermom! They make it look totally easy, too.

capricorn being their own self

And I would be the one to look over it and wave while you fall 👋♑️🌞🐐 #Capricorn
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